This system context diagram visualizes a  social media platform and its external components: User, Advertisers, and the Bank. The interaction of the social media platform and user is easy: The platform sends the user a feed of daily comments from others. Users give some information about themselves, such as username, password, and date of birth. Advertisers’ entities represent those who place ads on the platform. The social media platform shares user data for targeted ads. The social media platform earns money from advertisers, sending revenue to the bank.


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Social media:oval
Social media-daily comment->User
Social media<-account info-User
Social media<-ads-Advertisers
Social media-user data->Advertisers
Social media-money->Bank

About system context diagram

A context diagram leaves out a lot of detail. It focuses on the exchange of data between the system and external entities. The system could be a product, website, platform, or institution. The external entities could comprise a similar list. The flow of data could be anything, from uploaded videos to advertising revenue.

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