The flowchart starts with brainstorming. The team researches trends and marketing strategies. Then they evaluate their ideas and start the product development process (diamond symbol). If an idea fails their evaluation, they continue to brainstorm. If an idea passed the evaluation, the team prototypes their idea. After they prototype their idea, the testing process starts (diamond symbol). If the team receives a  poor response, they continue to prototype. If they receive a good response the team develops a marketing strategy. Then, they start the product development process. When the team finishes the product development process they begin market testing. After this, they launch the product.


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Brainstorming process starts:queue
Trends & Market research
Evaluation/Idea screening:diamond
Continue brainstorm ideas
Idea prototyping
Idea testing:diamond
Marketing strategy development
Product development
Test marketing
Brainstorming process starts–>Trends & Market research
Trends & Market research–>Evaluation/Idea screening
Evaluation/Idea screening-failed->Continue brainstorm ideas
Evaluation/Idea screening-passed->Idea prototyping
Idea prototyping–>Idea testing
Idea testing-poor response->Idea prototyping
Idea testing-good response->Marketing strategy development
Marketing strategy development–>Product development
Product development–>Test marketing
Test marketing–>Launch/Commercialization

About Flowcharts

A flowchart, or flow chart, is a type of diagram that shows a step-by-step view of a process. Flowcharts document the tasks and decisions needed to achieve a specific goal. A basic flowchart is easy to make and understand. Businesses, engineers and software designers often use flowcharts to diagram their ideas.

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