The flowchart starts with identifying a problem. After the problem is identified, data is gathered and analyzed. Then, the solution is developed and the best solution is identified. If it isn’t successful, the solution development process starts again. If successful, the plan is implemented and is improved continuously.


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Identify the problem
Data gathering
Analyze data
Solution development
Identify the best solution
Plan implementation
Continue to improve
Start–>Identify the problem
Identify the problem–>Data gathering
Data gathering–>Analyze data
Analyze data–>Solution development
Solution development–>Identify the best solution
Identify the best solution–>Successful?
Successful?-no->Solution development
Successful?-yes->Plan implementation
Plan implementation–>Continue to improve
Continue to improve–>Finish

About Flowcharts

A flowchart, or flow chart, is a type of diagram that shows a step-by-step view of a process. Flowcharts document the tasks and decisions needed to achieve a specific goal. A basic flowchart is easy to make and understand. Businesses, engineers and software designers often use flowcharts to diagram their ideas.

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