The flowchart shows the lead generation process using the sales navigator tool from LinkedIn. We begin the process by visiting the sales navigator page and starting a trial, which requires setting up an account. Next, we set the preferences like job titles and regions to make the search results more specific. After we apply the filters, the leads’ reach starts. If we receive irrelevant results,  we perform a new search. If the results contain relevant prospects, we should click the “save as a lead” button. When we complete the search and save relevant leads, we can track the updates of the leads to learn more information before contacting the potential lead directly. When we complete screening, we send a customized InMail. If the lead is not interested, contacting other leads from the list is recommended. If the potential client is interested, we schedule an online meeting.


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Start–>Go to the sales navigator page
Go to the sales navigator page–>Start your free trial
Start your free trial–>Set up an account
Set up an account–>Set your preferences: job titles, regions
Set your preferences: job titles, regions–>Start leads search
Start leads search–>Relevant prospects?:diamond
Relevant prospects?-no->Perform a new search
Perform a new search–>Relevant prospects?
Relevant prospects?-yes->Click on ‘Save as a Lead’
Click on ‘Save as a Lead’–>Track leads recent updates
Track leads recent updates–>Send a customized InMail message
Send a customized InMail message–>Interested?:diamond
Interested?-no-Contact other leads from the list:queue
Interested?-yes-Set up an online meeting:queue

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