The flowchart starts with identifying candidate attributes (who are we looking for?). First, we have to determine exactly what staff we require. Then we create a job description and post it on LinkedIn. After we post the ad and potential employees start to apply we begin to review the applicants. If we do not find any suitable candidates, we revisit the job posting and make any changes necessary. If suitable candidates respond to the job ad, we will contact them and schedule interviews. Then we assess the candidates’ qualities. If we find the candidate unqualified for the job, we send a thank you email. If the applicant is qualified, we offer them the job. If the candidate accepts the offer,  we hire the candidate and terminate the advertisement. If the candidate rejects the job offer, we continue to search for a suitable candidate.


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Start–>Identify the desired attributes of a candidate
Identify the desired attributes of a candidate–>Create a job description
Create a job description–>Post the job ad on LinkedIn
Post the job ad on LinkedIn–>Review the applicants
Review the applicants–>Suitable candidates?:diamond
Suitable candidates?-no->Revise and edit job posting
Revise and edit job posting–>Review the applicants
Suitable candidates?-yes->Interview offered
Interview offered–>Applicant assessment
Applicant assessment–>Qualified?:diamond
Qualified?-no->Send thank you email
Qualified?-yes->Make an offer
Make an offer–>Accepted?:diamond
Accepted?-no-Continue searching for suitable candidates:queue
Accepted?-yes-Hire candidate and terminate job ad:queue

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