The flowchart shows the LinkedIn job ad creation process (which is one of the LinkedIn recruiting models). To post a job ad on LinkedIn, first, we create a company page on the platform. Then, we click the jobs icon and write a job description. After we write the job description, we select relevant skills for the role. There are two options of how candidates can apply: external site or via LinkedIn profile. If we choose the external site option, the link is added. When we choose the application method, we should also set a  budget. The last step is proceeding to checkout, then the job ad goes live, which is the first step in the hiring process via LinkedIn.


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LinkedIn job ad creation diagram code in Gleek

Start–>Create a LinkedIn company page
Create a LinkedIn company page–>Click on Jobs icon
Click on Jobs icon–>Write a job description
Write a job description–>Select skills for your role
Select skills for your role–>How candidate can apply?:diamond
How candidate can apply?–>External site to apply
External site to apply–>Add the link
How candidate can apply?–>With their LinkedIn profile
Add the link–>Set your budget
With their LinkedIn profile–>Set your budget
Set your budget–>Proceed to checkout
Proceed to checkout–>Finish:queue

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