Online tool for entity-relationship diagrams for developers

Create informal, entity-relationship, UML object, or class diagrams – using just the keyboard.

How can you create an entity-relationship diagram with Gleek?

Gleek is a text-to-diagram tool – it turns descriptions (in its own syntax) into diagrams.

What is an entity-relationship (ER)?

ER diagrams are used to visualize the major entities within the system scope and the inter-relationships between these entities. The entities represent people, objects, concepts, or events as a component of data.

Elements of the ER diagram

Entities in an ER diagram are represented as a rounded rectangle with the name on top and attributes below. Connecting lines in combination with rectangles, diamonds, and ovals are used to display the correlation of the entities. You can use Gleek on the conceptual level and don’t have to worry about how precise the diagram is.

Create your entity-relationship diagram in Gleek

Gleek uses an informal diagramming language with its own syntax. If your goal is to create a perfect entity-relationship diagram, Gleek might not be for you. If your goal is to quickly visualize your idea, Gleek will help you to quickly generate diagrams during a meeting or when collaborating.