This ER diagram illustrates a Travel Management System involving Customers, Bookings, Destinations, Hotels, and Flights. Customers make bookings, each associated with a destination. Destinations have hotels and flights linked to them. The relationships between these entities demonstrate how customers make bookings for destinations, and how destinations are connected to hotels and flights, facilitating travel arrangements.


Travel management system diagram code in Gleek


    Integer customerId PK "Unique Identifier for the customer"

    String customerName "Name of the customer"

    String customerEmail "Email of the customer"

    String customerPhone "Phone number of the customer"


    Integer bookingId PK "Unique Identifier for the booking"

    Date bookingDate "Date of the booking"

    String bookingStatus "Status of the booking"


    Integer destinationId PK "Unique Identifier for the destination"

    String destinationName "Name of the destination"

    String destinationDescription "Description of the destination"


    Integer hotelId PK "Unique Identifier for the hotel"

    String hotelName "Name of the hotel"

    String hotelAddress "Address of the hotel"

    Integer hotelRating "Rating of the hotel"


    Integer flightId PK "Unique Identifier for the flight"

    String flightNumber "Number of the flight"

    Date flightDeparture "Departure date of the flight"

    Date flightArrival "Arrival date of the flight"

Customers {1}-makes-{1..n} Bookings

Bookings {1}-for-{1..n} Destinations

Destinations {1}-has-{1..n} Hotels

Destinations {1}-has-{1..n} Flights

About ER diagrams

We often make an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, ERD, or entity-relationship model, in the early stages of designing a database. An ERD is perfect for quickly sketching out the elements needed in the system. The ERD explains how the elements interact. ER diagrams can be shared with colleagues. Their simplicity makes them ideal even for non-technical stakeholders.

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