The concept map shows the solar system and orbits of inner and outer planets.


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Solar system:oval
Solar system -orbits-> Inner Planets
Solar system -orbits-> Outer Planets
Inner Planets -includes-> Mercury
Inner Planets -includes-> Venus
Inner Planets -includes-> Earth
Inner Planets -includes-> Mars
Outer Planets -includes-> Jupiter
Outer Planets -includes-> Saturn
Outer Planets -includes-> Uranus
Outer Planets -includes-> Neptune

About concept maps

Concept maps were first used in universities in the 1970s, but are now also used by engineers, designers, businesses, and anyone who needs to illustrate how concepts relate to each other. Creating a concept map is a way to organize, explore, and expand your understanding of a topic. When you create a graphical overview of ideas, you make them easier to comprehend and also remember.

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