The flowchart starts with a visit to the driving license center. A person takes an eyesight test (diamond symbol) and if they fail, no license is given. If they pass, they begin theoretical lessons. After theoretical lessons, the person takes a written exam (diamond symbol). If they fail, the person retakes the exam. If they fail again, they do not receive their license. When the person passes, they begin driving with an instructor. After these lessons the person takes a road test (diamond symbol). If they fail, they take more driving practice lessons. If they pass, the person receives their driving license.


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Go to the driving license center
Take an eyesight test
No license given
Theoretical lessons
Written exam:diamond
Retake an exam:diamond
Practice driving
Take a road test:diamond
Get the driving license:queue
Start–>Go to the driving license center
Go to the driving license center–>Take an eyesight test
Take an eyesight test–>Pass?
Pass?-no->No license given
Pass?-yes->Theoretical lessons
Theoretical lessons–>Written exam
Written exam-fail->Retake an exam
Retake an exam-fail->No license given
Retake an exam-pass->Practice driving
Written exam-pass->Practice driving
Practice driving–>Take a road test
Take a road test-fail->Practice driving
Take a road test-pass->Get the driving license

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