Online tool for UML object diagrams for developers

Create informal, entity-relationship, UML object, or class diagrams – using just the keyboard.

How can you create an object diagram with Gleek?

Gleek is a text-to-diagram tool – it turns descriptions (in its own syntax) into diagrams.

What is an object?

Objects are defined as real-world entities that refer to instances of classes. An object diagram demonstrates relationships between the instantiated classes and the defined class in the system.

Elements of an object diagram

An object diagram is represented by rectangles, and consists of objects and links, where the links are used to connect the objects. You can quickly visualize your idea on the conceptual level using Gleek.

Create your object diagram in Gleek

Gleek uses an informal UML diagramming language with its own syntax. If your goal is to create perfect object diagrams, Gleek might not be for you. If your goal is to communicate the idea, Gleek will help you quickly generate diagrams during a meeting or when collaborating.