Online tool for informal diagrams for developers

Create informal, entity-relationship, UML object, or class diagrams – using just the keyboard.

How can you create an informal diagram with Gleek?

Gleek is a text-to-diagram tool – it turns descriptions (in its own syntax) into diagrams.

An informal diagram is a communicating medium

The informal concept plays a significant role in quickly generating diagrams and presenting them during meetings. It is also useful for communicating ideas between software architects and developers.

Informal diagram and domain-driven design approach

Domain-driven design is a concept by Eric Evans that creates a collaboration between technical and domain experts and helps with the specification of a conceptual model that solves specific domain problems.

Create your Informal diagram in Gleek

Gleek uses an informal diagramming language with its own syntax. Connect a domain-driven design approach with context mapping while creating an informal diagram using Gleek.