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What types of diagrams can you make with Gleek?

Gleek is a text-to-diagram tool, it turns descriptions (in its own syntax) into diagrams.

Informal diagrams

Informal diagrams help you communicate your idea by means of a conceptual way of thinking. Connect a domain-driven design approach with context mapping while creating an informal diagram with Gleek.
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UML diagram

UML class diagrams

Gleek is handy for quickly generating informal class diagrams during meetings and when collaborating. Visualize your idea and demonstrate an association relationship between classes using Gleek.

UML object diagrams

A UML object diagram consists of objects and links, where the link is used to connect the objects. Communicate your idea on the conceptual level using Gleek and don’t worry about how precise the diagram is.
UML object diagram
Entity-relationship diagram

Entity-relationship diagrams

Entity-relationship diagrams are used to visualize the major entities within the system scope and the inter-relationships among these entities. If you need to quickly visualize your idea during a meeting, create an ER diagram with Gleek.

How Gleek works?

Create objects

Create objects named "Hello" and "Gleek"
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All object types

See the full array of objects supported by gleek
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Gleek connections

Connect objects "Hello" and "Gleek"
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Boost your workflow with Gleek

rapid diagramming

Rapid Diagramming

Developers can focus on their ideas without touching a mouse. With gleek, only keyboards are allowed.
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Version Control

Do not bother storing binary files, beause Gleek offers you meaningful version control.
Live collaboration

Live Collaboration

Experience working with others, plan, conceptualize and finalize your projects.